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Paul Tudor Jones says Bitcoin ‚is like investing early in Apple or Google

The famous Wall Street investor, Paul Tudor Jones, is once again praising Bitcoin as one of the best operations to beat inflation.

Wall Street investor and billionaire Paul Tudor Jones said he likes Bitcoin Bank software „even more than I did at the time,“ referring to his initial investment announced in May 2020.

Stock markets fall worldwide as Bitcoin price breaks historic record in Brazil

Jones praised Bitcoin on CNBC’s morning show Squawk Box, revealing that it holds a „small one-digit investment“ in assets.

His investment thesis remains unchanged – Bitcoin is an excellent protection against inflation, and its importance should increase in the coming years due to central bank interventions.

Unprecedented amounts of money issuance and balance sheet expansion – in addition to a more aggressive commitment to inflation by the Fed – have resulted in higher inflation expectations.

Bitcoin exceeds $12,300 after PayPal confirms Venmo will become a BTC portfolio

Bitcoin, according to Jones, is one of the best „deals against inflation“ when compared to traditional options such as gold, inflation-protected Treasury bonds, copper and other more complex strategies.

„Bitcoin has a huge contingent of very, very intelligent and sophisticated people who believe in it,“ added Jones. „It’s like investing with Steve Jobs and Apple or investing in Google from the beginning.

Bitcoin rises to US$ 12.9 thousand as PayPal proves cryptomeda is ready for everyone

Paul Tudor Jones is an industry veteran, earning fame for the first time for correctly predicting the 1987 stock market crash, known as Black Monday. After his previous statements, the Bitcoin community vibrated with enthusiasm due to investor support. Some predicted that Jones would soon become the largest holder of Bitcoins.

Some see Jones‘ support as a potential stimulus for more institutional investors to enter the market, arguing that large institutions can feel more confident in investing in the asset class after known names have taken the first step.

BTC in the starting blocks? This reliable indicator shows bullish signs for Bitcoin

Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto market are still battling for significant momentum.

BTC has broken its recent lows, but remains in a somewhat precarious position as price continues to move sideways.

Where BTC goes next will likely depend largely on the stock market, which has had a strong impact on price behavior

Still, Bitcoin’s independent strength remains as most of the on-chain indicators flash bullishly.
An analyst is now finding that the cryptocurrency was able to post an incredibly bullish technical crossover.

He comments that this transition has an 80% success rate, which could mean a serious uptrend is imminent in the short term.

Bitcoin and the entire crypto market have struggled to gain momentum in the past few days and weeks.

This has largely led both bulls and bears to an impasse as BTC consolidates at around $ 11,400.

Where the coin heads in the near future could largely depend on its reaction to the resistance at around $ 11,600, as continued trading below that level could open the gates for further downside moves.

One analyst, however, comments that Bitcoin has only just been able to see an extremely bullish technical crossover – which seems to indicate that an upward move is imminent.

Bitcoin continues to consolidate – correlation to stocks remains

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $ 11,450. This is roughly where it has been traded for the past few weeks.

The lack of momentum that BTC has seen lately is due to a period of consolidation within the stock market.

All eyes are now on whether a phase 2 stimulus package will be released in the near future. Investors also wait for the results of the election before rushing into positions.

This indicator shows that Bitcoin is about to take a big boost

One trader comments that Bitcoin has just released a bullish so-called TK-Cross over its cloud. He notes that historically this has resulted in a strong upward move – with 80% confidence.

„Earlier bullish TK crosses with a price above the cloud … You can decide for yourself whether you want to use the 80% hit rate.“

If history rhymes, this pattern suggests that some serious bullish move could be imminent for Bitcoin .

Bitcoin verbetert marktdominantie tijdens wereldwijde crypto-uitverkoop

De markt heeft het moeilijk, maar Bitcoin blijft stabiel.

Vrijwel alle grote cryptocurrencies staan ​​vandaag in het rood na een plotselinge uitverkoop van gisteravond

De totale marktkapitalisatie van alle cryptocurrencies daalde van $ 346 miljard naar $ 339 miljard van de ene op de andere dag, wat neerkomt op een gemiddeld verlies van 2,1% per cryptocurrency.

Hoewel de meeste cryptocurrencies vandaag verlies lijden, heeft Immediate Edge het beter gedaan dan de meeste, met slechts 1% in de afgelopen 24 uur om terug te vallen naar $ 10.610. Als gevolg van zijn relatieve stabiliteit in een dalende cryptomarkt, heeft Bitcoin zijn marktdominantie de afgelopen weken enigszins zien verbeteren, van 57,8% naar 58,7% in de afgelopen maand.

Uw dagelijkse dosis cryptocurrency-nieuws, leren, roddels en discussies

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) en Bitcoin SV (BSV) hebben ook beter gepresteerd dan de markt, met een verlies van respectievelijk slechts 0,6% en 2% in de afgelopen dag. Polkadot (DOT) en Chainlink (LINK) presteren vandaag de dag het slechtst in de top tien van cryptocurrencies, met een verlies van 6,4% per stuk sinds gisteren. DOT handelt nu tegen $ 3,81, de laagste waarde sinds eind augustus, en vertoont sinds 1 september een neerwaartse trend – sindsdien een verlies van 43,9%.

Na deze recente prijsactie hebben 9 van de top 10 cryptocurrencies op basis van marktkapitalisatie verlies geleden ten opzichte van BTC, waarbij Polkadot de afgelopen week het meest daalde, terwijl Chainlink de afgelopen maand het meest daalde.

Deze recente bearish prijsactie kwam slechts enkele minuten nadat de Amerikaanse president Donald Trump de hoop op een nieuwe reddingsoperatie van de markt had onderdrukt – het verzoek van congreslid Nancy Pelosi om een ​​stimuleringswet van $ 2,4 biljoen om weer liquiditeit in de worstelende Amerikaanse economie te injecteren, afgewezen. Dit lijkt ook tot paniek te hebben geleid op de aandelenmarkt, waarbij de meeste grote Amerikaanse aandelenindices kort na de tweet dumpen.